Work With Us

At The VIP Team, we are always seeking talented agents/brokers. We are poised to take the industry by storm, and it will be our agents that bring us to the next level. We have a few commission structure options, but our goal is to keep our agents happy. Please give the Broker of Record, Edward Verdel, a call to discuss whether we are the right fit for you.

We are currently hiring for the following positions:
Experienced Agents

We are looking for agents with 2+ years of experience in both sales and rentals. With our team structure, you can take the operational side of the business of your hands and focus on sales. With access to our transaction/listing/marketing coordinators, you will get your time back and focus on the activities that make you money!

Sales Associates

We are looking to train and nurture new talent.  We will be offering hands-on training, with a much better commission split than traditional brokerages.  Training will be offered in Sales, Rentals, Investments, Advertising, Prospecting, Networking, etc.  You will also be given leads to help you launch your career!  Please call for a meeting with the Broker of Record to discuss what we can offer you.

Part Time Agents

In Hudson County, there is a large turnover in rentals and sales.  This creates opportunities to make transactional money in a fast-paced environment.  We understand that sustaining your daily life as a real estate agent can be challenging, and some licensed agents choose to have another job.  We support this decision, and will still go the extra mile to make sure that your job as a real estate agent is successful and rewarding.  Part-time agents will be offered a very attractive commission split, which will make the deals that you do worthwhile.

Independent (Virtual) Agents

We understand that some agents prefer to work from home at their own pace.  If you are a seasoned agent who is looking to be better-compensated for the business that you bring in yourself, we can be a good fit for you.  You will be offered an excellent commission split to conduct your own business as you choose.  All TVT paperwork will be made available to you in a virtual environment, so you won’t have to spend time in the office.